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Introducing our new video series... more to come

In this video Casey Foote, Assistive Technology Consultant talks in general about what assistive technology is and how it can benefit students in the classroom. Casey currently works for LEARNstyle and works with students and educators in school boards in Ontario. Tracy Sherriff, Parent Strategist provides both a parent and educator perspective as it relates to assistive technology in education.n

Dr. Nancy Wise, Educational Consultant from North York, Ontario shares her views and research on struggling students in french immersion . Nancy has a Ph.D in Second Language Education and a M.Ed in Special Education. She also worked as a special education resource teacher for 28 years, 20 of which were in the French Immersion context.

Nancy has been published in peer reviewed journals, and has presented at conferences organized by Canadian Parents for French, the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers and the Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT).

Contact Nancy Wise at:
Twitter @FIEdconsulting

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